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Smoker less pork burnt ends

Make pork burnt ends in the oven.

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Baking Soda Is The Ultimate Way To Caramelize Ground Beef

For browned beef, baking soda (a base) helps combat the excess moisture by changing the pH of the beef. This scientific tampering keeps the beef proteins from bonding too strongly, which helps prevent moisture from being expelled during the browning process. The result: foolproof caramelized ground beef.

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What's in Season in September?

September is that weird month that's not quite summer, but not quite fall. Make the most of this transitional month by incorporating seasonal fruits and veggies into your cooking. From apples and pears to cauliflower and bell peppers, here's what's in season in September:

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What's in Season in August?

Wondering what's in season in August? It's your lucky day. From figs and plums to tomatoes and tomatillos, embrace late summer fruits and vegetables with this handy August produce guide.

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What's in Season in July?

As we settle into summer, you may be wondering what fruits and vegetables to keep an eye out for at the farmers' market — and what exactly to cook with your next produce haul. Here's a comprehensive list of the fruits and veggies you should look out for in July

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What's in Season in June?

The arrival of June means that summer is officially in full swing. Kick off the season by utilizing fresh seasonal produce in your cooking and baking.

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What's in Season in May?

Everything that’s in season in May here in the US

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What's in season in April?

Everything that’s in season in April here in the US

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